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Regional Training
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Our Mission

The Regional Training Center

The Regional Training Center’s mission is to find, train and retain the highest caliber apprentices and continue to elevate the skillsets of seasoned journeymen and journeywomen. The Regional Training Center is the pinnacle of what the Union and Signatory contractors can accomplish in cooperation together…developing individuals for the future.

Staff Members

Jed Hartley, MBA


Jed earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Portland State University and his Master’s in Business Administration from Eastern Oregon University. As the Training Coordinator for the Regional Training Center Jed brings his passion for developing individuals for all phases of their career growth. With over 17 years of experience in operations, finance, budget and talent development… Jed’s strategy is to bring the highest level of training and curriculum so individuals can refine the skill-sets in their chosen craft. Originally from sunny California, Jed spent his time playing baseball, football and fishing. He moved to Oregon 23 years ago and met his wife Jessie. They have been married for 19 years and have three beautiful children Miranda (13), Jack (10) and Harrison (8). They live, hike and play in the Columbia River Gorge!

Skip Doty

Full-Time Lead Painting Instructor

Skip has worked in the painting industry since 1981, his background experience includes Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Painting as well as Specialty Coatings. His certifications include SSPC C1 AND C2, EPA’s RRP trainer, OSHA 30 Outreach Trainer, Scaffolding Competent Person Trainer, and he holds many certifications in Journeyman safety Classes. Skip joined the Training center in April 2017. He was born and raised in Oregon. His mottos are” We all have a share in strengthening our trade and our union by passing on the knowledge we have gained through training and experience”, and “You should never limit yourself to what you know- try and learn”.

Connie Benson

Office Administration

Joanne Nordquist

Office Manager

Joanne has worked with a variety of unions and union members for over 30 years. She came to the Training Center in 2008 and maintains the training records, schedules classes and provides assistance to the instructors

Part-Time Staff Members

Jeff Brook

Part-Time Drywall Instructor

Jeff brings over 40 combined years to the table. He worked nine years as a business rep, for the union, and knows the ins and outs of the trade and the union. He started his drywall finishing career in 1976- his experience includes residential and commercial drywall finishing, hanging board, texturing and all other aspects of the drywall trade. Jeff joined the union in 1983. He comes to our training center from southern California. He has an extensive education in the field of foreman training which helps to raise the level of quality apprentices giving them a look at the bigger picture which in turns produces leaders in the industry. Jeff’s motto is “ To teach his students and hold them to the highest degree possible so as to raise the standard of excellence in the drywall trade”.

Dave Gray

Part-Time Drywall Instructor

Dave is a family man of two and married to a very patient woman named Kimberly. Dave began his drywall finishing career at the age of six working with his father on various projects. After graduating from high school he joined the Union in 1995 and Journeyed out in 1997. Dave is now a certified OSHA 30 Instructor. This Missouri born Drywall instructor wanted to make a change in raising the level of quality in the apprentices joining the apprenticeship program and journeying out, and he is sure that the excellence and professionalism that he brings to the Regional Training Center will do exactly that.

Chris Heino

Part-Time Painting Instructor

Chris is well-known in the industry for his skills in wood finishing and faux finish. He teaches beginning and advanced classes in Wood Finishing, Faux Finishing, Color Mixing and Marbleizing both for apprentices and journeymen.

Harry Kalin

Part-Time Painting Instructor

Harry has worked in the painting industry since 1978 with a background in commercial painting; specialty coating; and industrial applications. His certifications include NACE CIP 1; SSPC Instructor C3, C5 and C7; and EPA RRP. Harry joined the Training Center staff in January 2007.

Jim Kirkpatrick

Part-Time Painting Instructor

Jim started his career in 1969. Born in Southern California Jim entered the Sign Painters Apprenticeship in 1973 his experience includes Residential and Commercial Painting. He has a Certification in Vocational Education, an associates degree in Fine Arts, and an Oregon College of Art Degree. When asked why he likes to teach his answer was, “Teaching is a rewarding way to give back to a trade that has given so much to me throughout my career”. You can see his artwork at Center Stage Clothiers and on his website www.kirkpatrickart.com.

Jamie Laird

Premier Industrial Instructor and Inspector, SSPC & NACE

Mike Llanos

Safety Instructor

Mike is the Regional Training Centers go to safety instructor. He started in the painting trade in 1976 joining the union shortly thereafter. Mike was born in Michigan but lived in Southern California for many years until moving here to Oregon in 1988, his experience includes painting in Residential, Commercial and Industrial painting. He is certified to train in Confined Spaces, HazCom Communications, Fall protection, Scaffolding Erection, Ignitable Coatings, OSHA 30, and many other Safety topics. Mike’s motto is “To raise the level of Safety Awareness in all those he teaches so that everyone can go home safe to their families each and everyday they work”. His training and experience certainly does just that here at the Regional Training Center.

Chris Stuckart

Traffic Control Instructor

Chris Stuckart gives classes for the Traffic Control Painters each year during the winter months. Chris is himself a graduate of the Apprenticeship program.


Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees

The Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees (JATC) for each program consist of representatives from employers and from the union. They meet monthly to conduct the business of the apprenticeship program and to review the progress of the apprentices. Occasionally an apprentice may be cited to attend a JATC meeting to discuss problems with class attendance or other program requirements.

MA #1016 – Drywall Finishers JATC

Typically meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:00 PM at RTC

MA #1024 – Painters JATC

Typically meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 9:00 AM at RTC

Note: Dates may be adjusted for holidays or other conflicts.


Local Unions

New apprentices are expected to join the union within eight days of their start date and to keep their union membership in good standing. Several Locals operate within District Council #5. They are listed below.

Contact your local union to discuss wages, benefits, layoffs, union membership, payment of dues, travel pay, subsistence, or death in the family. If you are laid off, contact your Local and put your name on the out-of-work list. Failure to do this can cost you work opportunities and can jeopardize your unemployment claims.

Local 10 Meetings

Hours: 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6pm

Local 724 Meetings

Hours: 1st Monday of each month at 7pm

Local 1277

Phone: 541-747-1884

541 Willamette St Ste 105,
Eugene, OR 97401

Hours: No set hours | Please call ahead

Local 1277 Meetings

Hours: 4th Thursday of each month at 6pm

District Council #5

Phone: 503-257-6644

11105 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97220

Hours: No set hours | Please call ahead

District Council #5

Hours: 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6pm


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Portland Office

13521 NE Whitaker Way
Portland, OR 97230

Phone: 503-287-4856
Fax: 503-258-1767

Hours: Mon-Fri | 9-5 pm