EEO Training

In an effort to comply with Oregon’s Federal EEO pledge please have any personnel within you company that regularly interact with apprentices complete the following training. The following steps should only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.


Step 1:    Please follow the link to view the 6-minute video.  The training is from the US Department of Labor website:

            Click here:   Anti-Harassment Video

Step 2:    Once the video is complete, click here Knowledge Check

Step 3:    View and read the poster: 

    Unlawful Harassment in Apprenticeship: A Tip Sheet for Apprentices           

Click here:   PDF

Step 4:   View and read the poster:  Equal Employment Opportunity Pledge.
Click here:   

Step 5:   View and read the Painter and Drywall Finishers JATC Harassment Policy and Procedure.
                       Click here:   PDF

Per the JATC Policy, the first point of contact to report harassment is:  Jed Hartley, Director of Training contact him at 503-287-4856 or

Step 6:    Once you have completed the training please provide the following information

Step 7:    By providing your name and contact details below, you verify that you have viewed the Anti-Harassment in Apprenticeship Programs video and accompanying  documents.

If you did not pass, watch the video and complete the knowledge quiz again.

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Please remember… once you have completed the training please provide the above information to the following e-mail: